PokemonGo - most annoyingly successful Augmented Reality (AR) game to take hold of the world in such quick succession...

Despite the dangers involved when chasing down a Charizard or an Onyx, the game has a lot to show for the financial industry by demonstration of customer engagement and through the use of the technology itself!

The below article highlights 4 keys powers that PokemonGo has that could be adopted by the financial sector:

The Power of Augmented Reality

The Power of Gamification

The Power of Geolocation Data

The Power of Engagement

Perhaps it is too soon to admit taking advice from a fictional game, but in order to better engage our customers better we should first become better engaged with the powers above...

“When it comes to customer engagement, Pokémon GO shows that gamification, reward ‘currency’ and a splash of augmented reality go a long way to keep the digital consumer coming back for more"

PokemonGo example for Financial Industry