After coming across AI in university the human brain is far too complex to re-create with technology yet… This is important because the Role a broker plays isn’t just about predefined rules and knowledge but equally about flexibility, emotional intelligence and communication.

With the classic inflexibility of technology solutions you’re bound to reach the slightly comical response ‘the computer says no’, and that’s where your broker comes in.

In simple terms without AE (artificial emotion) AI (artificial intelligence) is just not enough on its own to threaten the role of a broker. 

What I can see is the growth AI powered by Big Data creating more inefficiencies similar to the personal line space with simple SME business that really isn’t worth a broker’s time. The world is continuing to evolve with risks emerging from areas we never imagined and the complexities are evolving exponentially. The role AI will play is facilitating the broker to understand the risk and communicate that to the client and insurers an increasingly digital world.